Samuel’s Baptism

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December 6, 2014

Samuel chose to be baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and of course we as parents couldn't have been more pleased with or proud of this handsome young man of ours.  When the bishop interviewed Sam a few weeks before, Erik and I were a bit nervous, haha!  We weren't sure how well we had prepared him! But the bishop was impressed, and assured us Sam "passed." 🙂  It was a very special day, with Grandma and Grandpa B joining us, and a few new friends from our ward.  Of course it was crazy, and something had to go wrong for such a big day, right?  Like Grandma and Grandpa getting a bit lost….with Erik's pants!  And after putting a ton of work into a video compilation to play while Sam and Erik changed, I totally left it at home.  Argh! I was SO ticked.  But what are ya gonna do?!  The baptism program itself was still wonderful.  Sam's hand holding onto Erik's arm didn't quite make it under the water the first time, so he had to go under again.

"Honey, where are my paaAAAnts?!"

World's most flattering outfits coming right up!

Impromptu prelude duet.

Buddies Alden and Owen. I really appreciated the effort their families made to be a part of Sam's day. It meant a lot.  Samuel asked Owen to say the closing prayer weeks before, and Alden stepped in to say the opening prayer at the last moment when Owen Briggs got stage fright.

Oh man these boys of mine!

Handsomes in their new suits.

We can pretend Samuel isn't lost behind his fat cow mama, yikes!

Ems was super excited about getting a family picture, and you can tell what the other boys thought of his protesting!

Besides the special baptism event, we got to spend a lot of time with Grandma an Grandpa B.  We took them to the Harley Davidson museum and the Mars Cheese Castle while they were here.  It was so fun to have them visit, show them around a bit, and enjoy lots of fun moments together.  And thankfully the weather held out pleasantly in the high 30s the whole time they were here! 🙂

We finally found a Mexican restaurant!  Mariachis every Friday night, too!

Grandma B always has something "up her sleeve" for the boys.

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Dinosaurs (and I don’t mean Grandma and Grandpa B)

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June 11, 2013

Rob and Linda/Grandma and Grandpa B were in Idaho for a few days, and made sure to stop by our new home for a visit on their way back to Cali.  Erik was busy at work, but the boys and I were still able to spend a fun day with the grandparents.  We spent the morning at one of the boys' favorite places: The Dinosaur Museum!!  Grandpa treated to a fun Jr Paleontologist activity afterwards, and T-Rex kids meals for lunch.  When we got back home, O and Em were asleep in the car so Rob and Linda took Sam with them to check out the Krishna Temple right around the corner.  It was a really special treat to have Rob and Linda with us, and they were great sports about sleeping on the sofa in the great room (hopefully we'll have more basement progress next time!!).

(Several of these pictures I pirated from Grandpa B.)

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Salem Park Pond

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June 1, 2013

Not to be confused with Salem Pond.  Down at the end of our street is our very own aviary.  We have some marsh lands and a pond with tons of different bird species.  There is a beaten trail around it, and the boys love to go down there.  And we love to show it to anyone who visits.  This time it was our favorite Whitby cousins!!  We had seen Tori and Tegan not too long ago, but we hadn't seen Tucker, Tyson, and Thomas for a really long time.  They all came in late one night, then spent the next day getting lots of play time in.  We sure do love those guys! 

"You think that's a cool trick, Uncle Thomas?  Watch ME!" Seriously, zoom in on the pics, some of O's expressions are awesome!

Samuel started getting a bit grumpy that he wasn't riding his own bike, so he drove himself off the edge of the trail into the meadow?

The view from the back of the pond; that's the builder's house.

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Halloween Weekend

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October 28-31, 2011

Such a fun fun weekend.  I love having special things to do and I love our family.  So put them together, and it's a great combination. 

Friday I had Erik take off work, since Sam had the day off school and his family was coming into town that day.  And that evening was our ward Halloween party.  The boys were super excited to dress up.  Owen's favorite thing about his costume was his tail.  Anyone who talked to him over the next 4 days while he was in costume heard about it.  "Ha, yeah, I got a tail, see it's right here."  I was surprised how often I had to explain that Em was a wizard.  Whatever.  The boys were so well behaved all night.  They waited in line patiently for chili and hots dogs, ate their dinner, helped clean up, sat perfectly still and listened intently to the police officer's safety speech, and followed the crowd nicely during the trunk-or-treat.  It was particularly fun for me to watch Owen, who took it all in silently and seriously, but very keenly aware of everything that was going on.  It was great to have Erik's parents with us there, too.

Saturday afternoon the Mutters arrived.  We had first planned to go up to Thansksgiving Point for Cornbelly's then decided to stay local.  We went just up the street to Jaker's Pumpkin Patch, where they had two different sized mazes, a hay pyramid, a petting zoo, corn pit, and a tractor ride.  We got some pumpkins, then spent the rest of the day at our home and in the backyard.

Sunday was the reason for family being in town.  At church, Emmett was given a name and blessing by his father, with both of his grandfathers, and a few close friends in the circle.  Afterwards we had all of our family and friends over to our home for a little brunch.  It was so fun to have everyone together to celebrate our newest little guy.  I was once again very touched by how much love and support our friends and family offer us.  We are so so blessed.  But gosh darn it, we didn't get a single family picture.  And I only got one picture of Emmett at that!!  Kind of makes me a bit sick to my stomach actually that I missed out on that big time.  But at least we still have the memories, right?!

That night, Sam and I figured we had better carve the pumpkins.  Erik was at a church meeting, and Owen wanted nothing to do with it.  So Sam and I had ourselves a grand ol' time.

Then Monday was Halloween!!  I seriously love Halloween.  We had one last gymnastics class that morning, then Sam went to school.  A bit later, the other two boys and I met him there for a Halloween program.  It was silly but sweet.  Samuel was so very concerned I wouldn't be there.  When I came in, I waved to him, but he must not have seen me, because when they all stood up to start, he was very close to tears and said, "But my mom isn't here yet!"  So I called out, "Of course I am, I'm right here Sam!!" and that time he saw me.  And the relief that washed over his face might have made my heart flutter a bit.  So after the program and sharing treats, we decided to visit Erik at work.  Erik was cute, and took the boys around to show them off.  Some of the ladies thought they needed to give them candy, so it was a good start to the trick-or-treating.  One guy thought they needed a trick instead of a treat, so he gave them each a whistle.  Yeah, thanks for that! 

At home again, we made dinner and waited for Erik to get home.  We gobbled down our pigs in a blanket and set up the tripod super quick so I could have at least one picture of all 5 of us from the weekend.  Definitely not our best.  But whatever.  Erik took the two older boys out trick-or-treating.  I wish I could've gone, too, but we figured it was be best for me to stay home with the baby and hand out candy.  Once they got back, Samuel and Owen were both just as excited to hand out the candy as they'd been to get it.  By 8:30 the candy was gone, so we turned off the lights and enjoyed a little time going through the loot before sending the hopped up boys to bed.

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{T} to the Power of {5}

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Have I mentioned before I love my family and how blessed my little boys are to grow up with so many people who love them?  I always love visits from them, especially when the Ts are in town, and most certainly so does Sam.  A week later he is still talking about all of them.  “Tyson play with that truck!” “Hey, why that ball down here?  Oh, Tucker threw it.” “I sing songs and take a bath with Tegan.”  “I know that train book.  I read it to Thomas.” “I see a school bus!  I go bus stop with Tori!”

We love you guys so much, and are so happy for you and your sweet little family!

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Baby Blessing

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Samuel was blessed at our church yesterday, February 4. We were so pleased to see so many friends and family there. It meant a lot to have everyone there, and we want to thank you all! We love you lots!!

These are my parents, and my dad’s parents. Four generations all together for one special day.

It was quite a party, and Samuel got tuckered out about halfway through. He woke up when everyone was gone. Smart boy! 🙂

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Family Visitors

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We have told Samuel several times how lucky he is to have so many people who love him. Here are a few who have already come to visit! Mormor, Auntie C, Grandpa Dubya, Grandma B, Uncle Ryan and Aunt Rebecca, and cousins Elizabeth, Sariah, Benjamin, and Joshua. We have learned very quickly at our house how wonderful Grandmas are. Erik and I would have a dirty house, an empty fridge, piles of dirty laundry, and be even more sleep deprived than we already are if it weren’t for them. We love Grandmas!

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