Let’s be done with January!

February 20th, 2012 Annelise Posted in friends, goings-on, month wrap up, playing, potty, snow, winter No Comments »

Ok, so here are a few other things from January . . . the long, cold, boring month of January.  Thank goodness it's over.  And that I'm finally documenting it 3 weeks later. 

Sofa cushion mountains/forts are one of the boys' favorite things to do.

Lots of play dates with friends to keep us busy.

Rockin' a killer outfit. 

Chubbs helping with the laundry.

Owen making sure Em was sufficiently entertained.

Potty training!!!  I'm not sure what O is showing you . . . probably the number of times he peed on the floor that day.

A little bit more snow.  He was "building a fortress to proctect us from the trolls."

Sam helping me make dinner.  I was whining about how much I hate cutting onions.  Samuel saved the day with his matter-of-fact solution, "We just need our sunglasses on!"


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Potty Training Perks

May 17th, 2009 Annelise Posted in dancing, potty, videos 3 Comments »

{This} adorable little bum . . . dancing.

Nothing quite like a nakie two year old to bring some life into our home!
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