Emmett Found the Lotion

April 29th, 2013 Annelise Posted in Emmett M, mommy woes, trouble 5 Comments »

March 2013

He also had a nasty cold, and clearly I thought taking pictures was more important than attending to the gigantic snot glob on his lip.

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Where ya goin’ Owen?

September 15th, 2012 Annelise Posted in Little O-Man, mommy woes, O says 2 Comments »

This kid will be the death of me.  Seriously.  But oh yeah, I'm pretty sure I was saying the same thing about Samuel when he was 4.  So to each his own, I guess??  Some of the current struggles with O are similar to the ones we had with Sam…horrible fits, losing control, feeling like he's so gone I don't know how to reach him and I really have to hold back to keep from whapping him upside the head, that kind of stuff.  He pushes all of our buttons because he knows how, he is defiant, stubborn, and willfull.  He has a horrible glare, a terrible pout, an indignant "Humph," a nasty "Mmm-MMM!" and an ear piercing screech.  He has a meltdown every single time Sam is down the stairs first, or Sam gets to the corner on his bike first, or Sam opens the door first, or Sam gets buckled in the car first, or . . . you get the idea!  He is an incredible stomper, picking those knees clear up to his nose before he Hulk smashes them into the ground.  And he baby talks.  Like all the time.  ALL. THE. TIME.  I absolutely will not respond to it, but that has yet to stop it.

So in the midst of this is the wonderful naptime struggle.  Owen is up by 6:30 every morning.  Doesn't matter if went to bed at 7 or 11:30.  Doesn't matter if he woke up in the middle of the night (which is still does about once a week) or not.  His little wackadoodle body clock wakes him up every morning between 6 and 6:30.  I'd come to terms with that.  Because I could still get him to crash for a 3 hour nap.  Until recently.  After struggling for hours to get him to nap, then waking his grumpy little butt up so he wasn't napping too late, and then struggling for another hour or so to get him to bed at night, I started reassessing.  Was it harder to fight the little terd for hours a day and get a few hours break from him during the day, or deal with him a couple extra hours during the day to ensure an easy 7:00 bedtime?  I opted for nap for so long because even with the extra nighttime hours, at least Erik was around to help me deal with it.  But it started getting to the point where it wasn't worth it.  So I stopped giving him naps.  Then we started seeing this . . .

My kids don't do this.  Just fall asleep in random places.  Or really any place that isn't their beds.  It's been really bizarre to me.  And kind of hilarious, too.  So the jist of it is, we are still trying to figure out what to do with this little O-Man!  All of this is particularly hard because I still remember those first 2 years when Owen was my darling little sweetheart.  He really was so happy and easygoing and mellow and chill.  But what are you going to do??  Take pictures of the sleeping monster, and hold onto the cute moments, I guess.


Great story here.  I had been doing the naptime battle for a while, but finally heard it quiet upstairs.  I went up to check a bit later, and was surprised to see Owen's door open.  And not see Owen in his bed.  Or anywhere else.  I called out his name, and started looking under blankets and in closets.  Nowhere.  I called his name, and searched everywhere I could think of upstairs.  There was no way he could have come downstairs and been there this whole time without me knowing, but I went back down and searched there, too.  Now I started panicking.  I grabbed my phone ready to make an emergency call, said my 100th prayer, and went back upstairs to search again, calling Owen's name, and trying not to cry.  (I know.  Drama queen much?!)  Even though Emmett's room is tiny and has the fewest places to hide, I went back in to look one more time.  I started to walk out when I realized something had caught my eye . . .

That's a teeny tiny bit of Owen's blanket sticking out from underneath Emmett's crib.  And this is me lifting up the bed skirt to find O completely and totally zonked out.

But let's end on a positive note.  Owen gives the best hugs.  Ever.  And he says some pretty cute and funny things.  A few current favorites:

  • "I drank all my chocolate milk, down to my belly button and all the way to my toes, *boop*!"
  • It was getting close to starting the bedtime routine for the boys, and without missing a beat, O piped in, "No, Sam's first, I took a nap today."
  • Goes into the bathroom, "Ooooh there's scary monsters in here." Then he turns on the light, "Haha, oh, it's not monsters, it's just my imagination."
  • I had been sick and wouldn't let him share my water.  He picked up Erik's water bottle and asked, "Daddy's water isn't germed?"
  • In his prayer, "And bless the house will not burn down and then I'll be a fireman and *psssssh* spray the fire out."
  • Hearing Emmett in the monitor after a nap, "Mom, your baby's awake, GO GET HIM!"
  • Reading his own fortune cookie after take-out one night, "It says 'Blah blah blah blah blah go watch George.'"
  • Grabbed Em's toy away from him and threw it, "Go catch it dog." Sweet little Em obliged and went crawling after it, "Haha, he's a funny puppy!"
  • "I have to watch Ghostbusters.  I neeeeeed to watch Ghostbusters nooooow, Uncle Jared told me to."
  • I asked him if he was ready to go down nicely for his nap and not throw a fit so he could have some milk and read a book first.  He looked up and tapped his chin, "Hmmm, I don't THIIINK so."  Then he popped his little pointer finger up next to his head because he had a brilliant idea, "I'm just going to play."
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Sunday Best

April 1st, 2012 Annelise Posted in church, lamentings, mommy woes, my 3 sons 1 Comment »

Ohhhh Sundays.  We have 11:00 church and I still have yet to be there on time.  Erik has meetings Sunday mornings starting at 8.  So I have to get myself ready, and the 3 little kiddos.  That includes breakfast for all 3, a snack for 2, and a bottle and nap for one, all before leaving.  Erik comes home after meetings then usually goes ahead with the two older boys, and Em and I have to catch up.  Maybe one day I'll figure out how to make it work (I hear other people do…like LOTS of other people…) but for right now I am still struggling with being nice and happy or at the very least, tolerable, and making it to church only "fashionably" late, without an anxiety attack or biting anyones head off.

Anyway, one morning Erik must have thought our boys particularly handsome while I was upstairs putting the finishing touches on myself.  I found he had taken these pictures only when I uploaded the camera to my computer.  I always like finding little surprises like that.  I sure do love these goobers.


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Two Halves make a Whole

March 5th, 2012 Annelise Posted in boys!, mommy woes 2 Comments »

The following picture definitely deserves an explanation.  And if I had one, I would most certainly tell you . . .

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Why You Didn’t Get a Christmas Card from Us

January 15th, 2012 Annelise Posted in boys!, Brothers, Christmas, mommy woes, pictures 2 Comments »

1: I am the only SAHM who lives in Utah County and doesn't know how to use a fancy camera. Or Photoshop.

2: Emmett can't sit on his own.

3: Owen can't sit still.

4: Samuel can't smile without looking like he's in pain.

And thusly, 5: It is impossible to get three children looking decent in one picture.

It sure was an adventure trying, though!

We almost might have gone with one of these, but that leads me to number 6: I'm too lazy.

Merry Christmas from the Briggs! ūüôā

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Couch with a View

March 4th, 2011 Annelise Posted in bad mom moment, mommy woes, preggo 1 Comment »

My poor little boys.¬† One day I will feel well enough to get off this couch for more than a half hour at a time.¬† Erik asked me the other night, “How much longer are you going to feel like this?”¬† I think they’re all pretty done being forgiving and patient.¬† Well, I’m pretty done puking and feeling like crap all day every day and watching my whole family suffer because of it.¬† For whatever that’s worth.¬† Bleh.

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In January

January 25th, 2011 Annelise Posted in Dad and Boys, goings-on, mommy woes No Comments »

I sat at the kitchen table trying to make it through by holding my head up, chin in hand.¬† Owen thought he would give it a try.¬† Erik took a picture.¬† Sam, not to be left out, “How about me, I can do it, too!

Breakfast one morning.¬† Frosted Flakes from the box.¬† On the sofa.¬† While watching TV.¬† I’m awesome.

And one night I made them (ALL of them, so I could puke in peace for 15 minutes) go out in 8 degrees to get me a mint oreo ice cream.

It’s kind of been a rough month.¬† Bleh.¬† Good thing I’ve got a trooper and a champ for sons, and a patient forgiving husband.¬† They’re my heroes.

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Ventures in Preschool

September 19th, 2010 Annelise Posted in growing up, mommy woes, Mr. Sammers, school 1 Comment »

On Tuesday, September 7, Samuel had his very first day of preschool.¬† Over the summer, we found a great place¬†called Ventures in Preschool, with Ms. Laura,¬†who I think is going to be the perfect match for our spunky Sam.¬† He has been beyond excited to start school, and talked about it for weeks on end.¬† He would wake up¬†every morning and ask if he got to go to school that day.¬† When the first day finally came, Samuel was pretty disappointed¬†that it¬†was only an hour long¬†Meet and Greet, and the mommys got to hang around.¬† He told me several times, “Mom, you can go now.”

About to pee his pants with excitement, and not about to pose for a picture. 

Sam spent Wednesday and Thursday morning talking about school and¬†reminding me that I wasn’t going to come in this time, I was going to go back home with¬†Owen and come get Sam later when he was all done.¬† When we pulled up, I opened my door to help Sam out, but he had already unbuckled¬†and was half way out the door telling me, “Mom, get back in the car.¬† I’m going to school by myself.¬† I don’t need you.¬† I’m fine!”

First official day.  What a handsome.  Mom was smart enough this time to take pictures before leaving home.

So these last few weeks of school have been great.¬† Samuel enjoys it so much, and he gets excited for each day.¬† Last week for his first Show and Tell, he had to bring something that started with the letter A.¬†¬†After some suggestions, he decided he would bring¬†his big airplane.¬† He wasn’t super duper excited, and¬†kept¬†asking if he could bring other things¬†but none of them started with A.¬† Then he said, “Can I bring a dinosaur?”¬† Ah ha!¬† “Well Sam, dinosaur doesn’t begin with the letter A, but can you think of a kind of dinosaur that begins with A?”¬† He thought.¬† I said a few that didn’t start with A to get him thinking some more.¬† Then he shouted, “Ankylosaurus!!!”¬† And that he was excited about!¬† He ran upstairs, grabbed his ankylosaurus (you know, the one with the club tail) and tried to bring his velociraptor, too.¬† Anyway, it was cute.¬†¬†Samuel is already prepared to bring his soccer¬†b-b-b-Ball for the letter B later this week.

I don’t know how my baby grew up so fast.¬† I don’t think I’m a clingy or protective mom.¬† But it’s been very strange to think that for 3 hours 2 days a week, I don’t know what’s going on in my little boy’s life.¬† Of course I get the full report, but I’m not there.¬†¬† I can’t quite explain it.¬† It’s just very weird and I’m still getting used to it.¬† But Samuel is loving it.¬† He is learning, growing, and happy.¬† So Mom better¬†start cutting those apron strings.¬† After all, Sam is almost 4.¬† He doesn’t need me anymore.¬†¬†He’s just fine.

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Yo, Wingo!!

June 13th, 2010 Annelise Posted in growing up, hair cut, Little O-Man, mommy woes 2 Comments »

Yesterday Owen got his first hair cut.¬† His poor little head of hair was just so uneven and his baby hairs (the few still left) would¬†stick straight up¬†with crooked little ends.¬† When we cut Samuel’s hair for the first time at 10 months, it was good riddance to a big ol’ mess of hair and I was glad to do it.¬† But when Erik took this scissors and just SNIPPED that first little wing off, I almost cried.¬† It’s still pretty sad to see my baby walking around with his big boy haircut.¬† I miss his¬†Bubba J’s¬†little wings.¬† But I’m sure I’ll get over it.

Content with a popsicle . . . for now!¬† Sam came running over demanding a popsicle, too, so I said Ok, you’re getting your hair cut, too?¬† Sam ran away and didn’t ask again.

The wings, and the 12 super long baby hairs still on top of his head.  All the rest of his hair is about 1/2 an inch long.

Just helping Daddy out.

He thought he was done, but Dad wanted a couple more pictures.¬† So sad.¬† And nope, not a close cut above the right ear, he’s just completely bald there.¬† Told you he has a sad little head of hair.

Handsome little head.

Handsome little head trying to eat a shoe.

Not too scarred afterall.  He just might survive.

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Mr. Sassy Pants

March 25th, 2010 Annelise Posted in lamentings, mommy woes, Mr. Sammers, Sam says, trouble 12 Comments »

Oh this 3 year old of mine!¬† Boy, how he and I butt heads.¬† He is probably my biggest trial right now.¬† Besides telling me “NO!”¬†672 times a day (most often while stomping his foot and shaking his fist at me) he tells me to “Move it” “Get out of my way” “Stop that” “I can’t” “Freakin'”¬†and my favorite, “No, YOU [insert whatever I just told him to do].”¬† I am still trying to figure out the most (or even AN) effective way to deal with all of Samuel’s SASS!!!¬†¬†¬†

A few cases in point.

The other morning we were heading outside for a bike ride and walk.¬† I remembered I needed to grab something from upstairs, so I told Sam to hang on for just a sec.¬† He stood by the door and shouted, “No!¬† We are going outside right now!¬† Five . . . four, three, two, one.¬† That’s it, you’re on time out.”

Driving home from a doctor’s appointment in Provo, Samuel was looking out the window.¬† We had the following coversation.¬† “Mom, I see a big X on the mountain.”¬† “You know, that’s actually the letter Y, but I see it, too, and that was smart to notice it’s a letter.”¬† “That’s very naughty, Mom, you have to go on a time out.”¬† “What?¬† What’s naughty?”¬† “That’s very naughty¬†you put¬†that big Y up there, you should not¬†do that.¬† Now you have to go on time out and sit on the naughty stool and I turn on the timer until you’re really really finished.”¬† “Samuel, it’s not naughty that the Y is there, and besides, I didn’t have anything to do with it.”¬† “Well you tell Daddy not to color with his crayons on the mountain.¬† It’s very naughty.”

And today, after 5 hours of being away from home playing and shopping and eating, we pulled into the garage.¬† Samuel was begging to go play in the backyard.¬† I explained that we needed to go inside and feed Owen, and go to the bathroom, and rest.¬† Sam got more and more worked up because he wanted to play outside, and I wouldn’t give in.¬† Clearly he’d had enough of the argument, and knew exactly how to end it in his favor as he shouted at me,¬†“You don’t get to tell me NO!”¬†

Oh boy oh boy oh boy.  Yes, the sass is bad, but even worse is the fact that every sassy thing he says, he heard it from me first.  Lesson learned . . . or at least, learning.

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