My Three Sons

October 5th, 2011 Annelise Posted in Brothers, comparing, just for fun 5 Comments »




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True or False?

July 21st, 2010 Annelise Posted in just for fun, outings 4 Comments »

1) After a non-stop action-packed fun-filled go-go-go day, Owen fell asleep in the car.

2) After a non-stop action-packed fun-filled go-go-go day, Samuel fell asleep in the car.

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Mommy Fun

August 25th, 2009 Annelise Posted in babies, Brothers, comparing, just for fun 3 Comments »

I love comparing pictures of my two boys.  On the left is Samuel at 2 months 9 days.  Owen on the right at 2 months 11 days.  I can definitely see that they are brothers, but I think they look very different.  Besides the glaring lack of Owen’s hair, I also see big differences in his eyes, his mouth, and his chin.  And Samuel has adorabley huge dimples that Owen does not.  But, their bodies are like exactly the same.  Maybe my NEXT baby will be a chunker.  Or maybe I’m doomed to have little babies that make me fret and worry about each fraction of an ounce they do (or do not) eat.  But one thing is for sure, chunky or not, I do make pretty dang cute babies.  {I’d say “Just kidding” but really I’m not.  Although I AM humble enough to admit that I am completely and entirely partial.  Hehe.}

[O’s having a sleepy day.  2 more posts below!]

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Owen holds the world ransom . . .

August 9th, 2009 Annelise Posted in just for fun, Little O-Man 7 Comments »

. . . for one hundred billion dollars!

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Compare and Contrast

July 15th, 2009 Annelise Posted in comparing, just for fun 5 Comments »

Yesterday, I stole a peak at Owen while he slept.  When I found him like this I ran for the camera.  I knew I had to capture this . . .

Because I just happened to have a picture of Samuel like this . . .

I think they look much more alike when they sleep.  Their biggest difference is in their eyes.  But they both have the same little button nose, and almost exactly the same profile.  Cute little boys!

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Tummy Time

July 7th, 2009 Annelise Posted in just for fun, milestones, videos 5 Comments »

Unlike Samuel, who hated every moment of tummy time, Owen has no qualms with it whatsoever.  In fact, Erik and I were so surprised at how he reacted the first time I put him on his tummy at 3 days old, we had to get it on video.  (Noting, of course, that to anyone else this is probably pointless and definitely boring.  But to the parents, it’s just another sign that their child is the strongest cutest smartest brightest bestest etc etc.  Funny how you can think that about BOTH your kids.  We are just as enthralled with Owen’s every little teeny tiny detail as we were [are] with Samuel.)  Then, at just 12 days old, Owen rolled over.  I kept assuming it was just a fluke, but by the 4th time in a row, I finally got out the camera.

Samuel likes to get in on the tummy time action, too.

Samuel also likes Helmet Heroes.

And Owen likes his custom made hooded bath towel from Grandma B.

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Why, yes, he {did} finally have a good night’s sleep!

March 15th, 2009 Annelise Posted in just for fun, sleep 6 Comments »

Thirteen hours.  Just 2 coughing fits during the night, and only cried for Mommy once.  A very {good} night’s sleep!  But what on earth gave it away?

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He Makes Me Smile

December 31st, 2008 Annelise Posted in just for fun, videos 2 Comments »

I love this little guy.  Everything about him.  This is from months ago, Sam’s favorite part of gymnastics.

 I can’t really explain it.  He just makes me smile.

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Socks and Oreos

August 15th, 2008 Annelise Posted in food, just for fun 2 Comments »

Sam decided to pull his “fancy” socks out of his drawer, and insisted on wearing them all.  He only has two feet {shocker} so I put some on his hands.  The novelty lasted about 24 seconds.

Handy socks

But seriously, what else are fancy socks for if not dancing on the table?

Dancing socks

Mmmm, oreos.  What was I thinking?!

Oreo fingers

Sam sure enjoyed the chocolatey-sugared-lard goodness!


Mmmm, oreos!

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July 28th, 2008 Annelise Posted in blankets, just for fun 2 Comments »

I dread the day Samuel has to sleep in a “big boy” bed.  For lots of crazy, irrational reasons.  So in the meantime, I will enjoy my guilty pleasure of sneaking in to watch him sleep in his crib, and continue to chuckle each time I find Sam sleeping like this.




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