Tuff Kids

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September 2013

I signed Owen up for a little bike club through Salem recreation.  It was just a four week program, once a week for an hour, for 4 and 5 year olds not in school.  It was simple, but super cute, and Owen really loved it.  It's been so great seeing him start to gain confidence and really shine in social situations.  O had no hesitations the first day, and was excited for it every day after.  It was as small group, and O was usually the leader of the pack.  He is fast and confident on his bike to say the least.  One week was a treasure hunt, one week they went on a "tour" of Salem (and the things O learned out, he loves to point out around town now), one week was an obstacle course…it was just a lot of fun!

O with Emily, one of his favorites. ūüôā

Warm ups.

And the little monkey on the playground.

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Knott’s Berry Farm

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April 4, 2013

While we were on our spring break in California, we wanted to do something a bit special and a tad more adventurous than usual.  We played with the idea of Disneyland, but decided it was just too much work and money.  Grandma B suggested Knott's Berry Farm, and we all really liked that idea.  So off we went!

We were so lucky to have Grandma and Grandpa B come with us.  It made the entire trip much more enjoyable and do-able!!  Emmett started off the morning not feeling super well.  After slowly introducing ourselves to the park with a train ride, we all agreed the hot air balloon ride was next.  Oh. My. Word.  We waited FOR.EV.ERRRRRR!!!  The boys were so good and patient, but Em started to come apart.  When we got right up to the front, we realized the guy running the ride seemed be struggling a bit, or something.  He was very slow and more than methodical.  It was pretty much ridiculous.  But we finally made in onto the ride.  Apparently Emmett was allowed to sit next to me, he had to sit across from me.  So I buckled him into his new spot.  Not a happy babe.  I had to hold him down and he screamed his little head off.  After checking the other riders TWICE the operator came and told me he couldn't start the ride if Em was crying.  I controlled myself enough to not punch him in the face, but not enough to stop myself from snapping at him that, "This poor little guy just wants to go!  We have been waiting in line for an hour and a half for this stupid ride and we've been waiting for 15 minutes while buckled, he just wants to go!!"  And I was right. As soon as we took off, he perked right up and enjoyed himself.  When it was over, he cried again, this time because he didn't want to get off.  What a nightmare.  I was ready to call it a day.  But then I saw little Bubba J's (who'd been riding with Grandma B) sweet beeming grin, and knew this is why we'd come!

I wish we had a better angle on this, but the moment was gone to fast.  Little Em was just chilling there with his arm propped up on Sam's knee.  It was so cute!

You can kind of see Em and me in the top right pic.

After that, we grabbed some lunch and were ready for more.  The rest of the day really went great.  Emmett was pretty content to just sit in the stroller since he wasn't feeling his best, and it was past naptime at this point.  We were so impressed with how well behaved the boys were.  We did several more rides, each of the grown ups taking turns with the boys as necessary, and got on a few rides all together, too.  Sam would get nervous about some of the rides, and a bit queasy.  Not O!  He LOVED it.  Seriously, the look on his face each and every time a ride started was priceless.

Sam's expressions are so awesome!

Can you see Grandma B in the pink on the second row?  O and Sam and I are next to her.

Sure wish we had a picture of Erik and me smashed in together on the top of this truck!!

The pic is blurry, and a candid of Linda, but look at O's adorable smile!  I just couldn't get enough of it.

Emmett was really not feeling well at this point, but he was very happy to finally go on a ride.

Rob made sure he got one of the horses that went up and down. ūüėČ

Sweet little Babes finally fell asleep, but it only lasted about 15 minutes.  When he woke up, Samuel and Owen were both very concerned about him and his goopy eyes.  They both probably told me about 100 times that Em had yellow stuff in his eyes.

One last ride . . . Sam wanted to go on the Snoopy skateboard, but O wasn't interested, so he went on another train ride with his Grandparents while we waited foreeeeverrrr for Erik and Sam.  Grandpa B took these cute pictures, but I'm not sure what the gang signs are all about?

This man of mine.  I love him.  He's so handsome.  (You can almost see Samuel in a few of the pictures next to him.)

This was a garbage can that had an air pipe or something that sucked in your trash.  The boys were fascinated.  I was disgusted to see their hands and faces so close.  Bleck.

An ice cream before going home for being such good boys.  But look how tired those eyes are! (Grandma said all three boys fell asleep on the way home.)

Poor little buddy.  This turned into a nasty bug that lasted several days.  He was such a trooper to hang out with us at Knott's all day. ūüôā

We decided the boys had had enough (and they had!), but I still wanted my thrill for the day.  So I selfishly asked the grandparents to take the kids home while Erik and I stayed and played for a bit longer.  Of course Rob and Linda were more than happy to oblige (talk about good sports!!) so they took the boys home, fed them, and put them to bed.  Erik and I survived a few rides, grabbed a Snoopy for each of our amazing little boys — we were seriously so impressed with how well they'd done all day — then had a quiet dinner at Claim Jumper before calling it a night.  Best day ever. ūüôā  


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Jaker’s Pumpkin Patch

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October 2012

We love the little pumpkin patch that's just down the street from us every year.  All of the fun things to do are totally free, and the pumpkins are so reasonably priced.  Sam got to go with his Kindergarten on a field trip, which happened to be the same day Owen and his little preschool group also went.  Samuel rode the bus back to school, and as we were leaving, O tripped out in the pumpkin patch and fell.  He stood back up screaming blooooody murder and holding his hands out.  I figured he had scuffed them up a bit but he had fallen right into a patch of prickers.  His tiny little hands were COVERED!  I pulled out 18 total, and poor Owen moaned and groaned the whole way over to visit Dad at work, who then picked out a few more prickers that had gotten stuck deep down.  O had swollen little red dots all over the palms of his hands for days.       

Then we went to Jaker's again a couple weeks later on a beautiful fall day, because even after a pricker incident, that's how much we like it.  Owen did refuse to go near the actual pumpkin patch, and warned Samuel and Emmett several times to stay away.  But the hay pyramid, the hay maze, the corn pit,  the giant tires, and the animals were enough to keep us pricker-free and happily entertained for the afternoon.



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Independence Day 2012

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July 4, 2012

It was really nice to have an extra day with Erik at home, in the middle of the week, no less!  We didn't do anything special that day, but sometimes I think it's ok to just stay home and do nothing.  We had a little barbecue that evening for dinner, just us, then we did a few sparklers and poppers at home.  After that, the two older boys and I went over to some friends' for fireworks and sundaes.  The whole neighborhood was invited, and just about the whole neighborhood was there!  It was so much fun to chat with the grown-ups and let the kids run crazy, eating ice cream, and playing with fire.  God Bless America!

Sometimes I look at them and think, "Oh my word, I have three little boys!"

Erik prepares to light the first sparklers of the season . . .

And they're lit.  Sam scoots closer, Owen takes a step back.

Wonderfully captured moments that perfectly portray my funny little boys and their big personalities.

Addie, Jacob and Sam; three little monkeys and great buddies.

Trying to figure out how to cover his ears while holding an ice cream cone.

Sparkler sword fights.

And glow stick sword fights; Owen and his buddy Cameron.

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Two Last Hurrahs

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I really wanted to make this summer a good one before Little Lambert entered our lives and shook things up a bit.  We really had such a great summer and did so many fun things.  In fact, the first two weeks with Baby at home, Samuel asked every day, "What's today, a pool day?  A friend day?  A park day?  A field trip day?"  The boys didn't really know what to do with themselves hanging out at home all day every day!

August 6, 2011

So the Saturday before D-Day, I wanted to make sure we had one last family hurrah before we became a Party of Five!  We kept it low key, just playing at the park and splash pad all afternoon then finishing up the evening at Cafe Rio.  But it was still a lot of fun to have the special time together.

August 8, 2011

I figured we better fit in a last hurrah with the friends, too.  So the Monday before D-Day, we headed up to the children's museum in Salt Lake.  We've been there so many times, but it never gets old.  And it's always good for a day-long outing with our friends!


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Art City Days: The Parade

June 21st, 2011 Annelise Posted in firsts, friends, fun stuff, tradition, weekend adventures 1 Comment »

The parade this year was a first for us.  We've never been before.  And with the early morning wake up call, plus knowing he had to go back into work later that afternoon, we couldn't talk Erik into coming to this little celebration.  Thankfully, our awesome neighbors, who are pros at Art City Days, hooked us up.  The staked out our spots the night before, then gave us the run down about the cool parts and the best ways to get candy.  It was so much fun.  The very beginning started with the police force on their motorcycles doing cool little tricks and formations, and all the firetrucks, ambulance, squad cars, etc, following behind.  Sirens and horns fuuuuuull force.  Even after being warned, Samuel still ended up busting into tears and burying his sensitive little ears in Mark's lap.  Owen sat there wide-eyed and holding pretty tight to my legs while I covered his ears for him, but he kept it together just fine.  After that, everyone was ready to go candy chasing.  It took Sam a few tires to get the hang of it (ie, not break down into a fit every time a bigger kid got to the tootsie roll before him) but once Owen showed him a thing or two, everyone was having a blast.  The rest of the parade was really neat; very small-town, homey, and quaint.  Owen's favorite thing was the horses.  Samuel said his favorite thing was the monster trucks.  Have I told you how much I love where we live?!

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Art City Days: Children’s Parade

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June 10, 2011

The Children's Parade was another activity we had a blast at last year, and wanted to make sure we did again this year.  The day before, we met up at a friend's house with several other neighbors and kids and had a big bike/stroller decorating free-for-all.  The next morning, some of us took off from our house and walked, and we met everyone else over there. 

"Who's ready for the parade?!"

Samuel was sooooo ornery, and he was borrowing a bike since his was busted and we hadn't had a chance to fix it yet.  I don't know what the big deal was, but he whined about it the whole time.  At the beginning, he popped one of his balloons (because HE BIT IT!) and threw a fit.  Also, his two best buddies, Gabe and Jacob, both have Strider bikes.  The three of them were so great about stopping when we moms and little ones needed to catch up, but each and every time they started back up again, Gabe and Jacob could peel off in their peddle-less bikes, and it took Sam a whole 3.5 seconds to catch up.  Which meant aother fit every single time.  Ugh. 

The Three Amigos?  I vote the Three Stooges.

Owen on the other hand, was darling.  He loved riding in the wagon, and was only a tiny bit put off for just a short moment when he had to share with Emily. ūüėČ  O sat there watching, pointing, talking, and taking it all in.

Sam finally cheered up when he got his "prize" and snow cone.  We hung out enjoying the sunshine and sugary ice with our friends.  Then we walked back home.  I was poooooooooooped!!!  But in the end, it was a really fun and exciting morning, and we sure did enjoy ourselves.     

What, you didn't know Bubba J was this cool?

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Art City Days: Teddy Bear Tea

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June 6, 2011

I love living in Springville.  I love that we've been here long enough to feel really comfortable and at home.  Every year, Art City Days is a favorite thing about our little city.  We started the events off on Monday with the Teddy Bear Tea at the library.  Samuel brought one of his monkeys, and Owen brought his doggie.  There was a program in the basement to start it off, with a skit/story time/whatever-you-want-to-call it that might have lasted a tad too long, but the boys still mostly enjoyed.  Samuel eagerly sat on the rug with his buddy Jacob and 100 other kids while Owen was more content to hang back with Mom and eat his Cheerios. 

After the program, we were shipped outside for the rest of the activities.  There was an obstacle course set up to be like you were traveling the world, complete with a swamp (kiddie pools), a forest (giant playground balls, not sure how that works, but oh well), caves (a couple large pipes), a mountain (slide), and a desert (hula hoops, again, not quite sure…) and a reward of watered down Kool-Aid punch once you made it around the world. 

There was also a place to make your own magic carpet (a graham cracker with frosting and sprinkles) that Samuel was not interested in.  He was distracted by the parachute, which he played at with Jacob.  They got to toss their animals around on it and do a few other fun things.  Owen, however, was turning into a pill by now, and just wanted to eat rainbow sprinkles which he picked off his magic carpet, and then kept running back to the table to get some from the cute high school volunteer who was smitten by him and kept giving him more. 

We made some hippo hats, passed right by the "Princesses" reading stories (the Springville Royal Court?  Things like that make me grateful I have all boys) and got ready to head home.  I insisted on a picture of the two boys together on the bench.   Remember this adorable photo from last year??  I was dumb enough to think I could recreate it, or at least get something just as precious, a year later.

The boys were sooooo done and coming apart at the seams, particularly O.  So this is the best I walked away with.  Pretty much sums up the morning, I'd say.  I still think they're cute, though.

We did grab an ice cream cone on the way home, the first of the season, so that took care of some substantial cheering up.  And so did the naps that followed shortly after.

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Samuel Turns 4: The Party

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November 12, 2010

Samuel totally lucked out with two full days of birthday celebrations.¬† We knew we would be traveling on the 13th, so we planned Friday as the big day.¬† Samuel woke up to decorations and a new dinosaur.¬† We spent the morning getting ready for his party, and playing with Auntie C who was such a doll to be there for the party and help me out.¬† At 11:00 the kids came a’knocking for Sam’s first official friend party.¬† He told me months ago he wanted a dinosaur birthday party, so I had a few prehistoric tricks up my sleeve.


As Sam’s friends arrived, they got to do cave paintings and play with dinosaurs.¬† Then we made some¬†dino feet so we could go on our dinosaur adventure.¬† The kids had to go through an obstacle course, but stay on the “stones” so they wouldn’t fall into the “hot lava” and become “extinct.”¬†¬†After that we played “Chomp Chomp, Gotcha!”¬†which was our version of Duck Duck Goose,¬†with a triceratops¬†hand puppet to¬†do the chomping.¬† We had a yummy lunch of dinosaur nuggets for the carnivores, veggies and ranch for the herbivores, and chex mix and goldfish for the omnivores.¬† We read some¬†dino books, did some dino puzzles, colored some dino pictures.¬† And then it was time for a dino dig!¬† I tried to do it two at a time while the other kids kept¬†reading,¬†puzzling, or coloring, but that lasted maybe 37 seconds.¬† It got a little crazy, but oh so fun!¬† There were lots of baby dinosaurs hiding in the sand, but there was also a dinosaur skeleton for each kid to find.

By that point, I could no longer put off the presents!  Samuel was so so excited, but it was adorable to see that his little friends were just as excited as him.  After Samuel opened all the generous gifts, he handed out the thank you/goodie bags and dug into the dino cupcakes.  By 12:30, we said goodbye, put Owen down for a nap, and opened all the new boxes and bags of toys and games.  Smart Mommy that I am, I let Sam open one present from Mommy and Daddy . . . How to Train Your Dragon!  So we popped the movie in, Sam watched and played quietly and happily, and I crashed on the sofa.  It had been a ton of work, but so much fun and I enjoyed every single second of it.  So did the Samosaurus Rex.

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Art City Days

June 29th, 2010 Annelise Posted in Brothers, fun stuff, outings, summer 2 Comments »

Our city Springville, the Art City, has its summer celebration the first week of June.  Samuel and I have been to the balloon launch the last 2 years, and one year all 3 of us went to the ridiculously overpriced white trash carnival.  This year I thought we would take advantage of the week long celebrations, events, and activities. 

Monday we went to the Teddy Bear Picnic at the library.  It was kind of a bust, but the boys still had fun eating snacks, drinking Tampico, and playing at the park.

Another day was the Children’s Parade.¬† Sam¬†couldn’t believe that HE got to be IN a parade on his BIKE.¬†¬†We went with a couple friends and had a really fun time.¬† We started by going through¬†the Etch-a-Sketch entry arch (I have no idea of the significance . . . ) and then followed around a few closed off streets with lots of other kids on bikes, scooters, roller blades,¬†strollers, and one chicken in a wagon.¬† Sam was really into it and he seriously had a blast.¬† And¬†when he recieved his yellow ribbon¬†(along with every other kid who was there) he threw his hands in the air and shouted,¬†“I’m the winner!!”¬† Sam still asks me¬†almost every day¬†if he can go back and ride his bike in the presentation again.¬† (Don’t know why he calls it a presentation, or where he even learned that word, but after some investigation I figured out he meant the parade.)


We had planned to try out the Art Fair, but sick Owen kind of spoiled those plans.  And the rain spoiled our plans for the balloon launch.  Bummer!  But for the little that we did do, we enjoyed it.  Next year we will be ready for more!

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