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October 2013

It's a good month for pumpkin themed FHE!  One night we played a fun little dice game, where the number you roll tells you what to draw on your pumpkin.  http://happyhomefairy.com/2011/10/24/roll-a-pumpkin-free-printable/  The favorite, I think, was 10 because you got to draw whatever you wanted on someone else's pumpkin.  (That's how my pumpkin got green gas and a "Ppp" coming out of its behind.  Thanks, Samuel!)    

I told the boys to lift up their heads so I could see their faces.  This makes me laugh. ūüôā

And of course, the Monday before Halloween was the night for carving pumpkins.  When I first got out the huge butcher knife to cut open the biggest pumpkin, Emmett got very nervous, covered his ears, and carefully eyed me from behind the sofa.  When he realized he was safe, he came over to investigate.  By then I was just pulling the first top off.  Em peeked in to the pumpkin and said, "Ewwww! Pumpkin poop!"

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A "little" something we treated ourselves to.



A blu-ray player and 4 sets of 3D glasses came with the tv.  This lasted about as long as it took me to snap the photo.



One boring morning we made Dinosaur Land.  Sam told me what "habitats" we needed, so I found pages online and printed them out for the boys to color.  Then we taped them to the back of some chairs covered with a blanket.  Ta-da.  Dinosaur Land in our playroom.  Roaaaaar!


My tweezers and lining things up.  O is very methodical.  And silly.



"I got TWO boots on my feet!"


Samuel is very often found doting on Emmett.


Ummm, where's the baby?

Well there he is!


A photo to prove that sometimes my floor is actually vacuumed.  Now I need a photo to prove that sometimes we change out of our pajamas.


For a treat after Family Home Evening, we made doughnuts.  I was afraid of the boys getting too close, so I put up a barricade, which actually gave them a very good view.   They were SO excited to be making our very own doughnuts!  Giddy giddy.  We glazed them and tossed some sprinkles on, and the boys could hardly contain themselves while we took a picture. 


Two little monkeys sitting on the sofa.

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December is Done!

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December was a hard month.  Not bad.  But hard.  I was having a rough time, Emmett was really having a rough time, Erik had a ton of work and several big projects, and whiney whine whine, poor me, this that and the other.  The month blasted by.  I just couldn't commit to one of the darling activity a day advents floating around Pinterest that everyone and their mom was doing.  I'm just not that cool, I guess.  But we were still able to do a few Christmas-y things to make the season memorable and special.  So here is that stuff, interspersed with everything else that did (or didn't) happen in December. 

Sometimes this one is cute . . . sometimes . . . so it does us well to remember when.

These two are cute, too.  Especially when one of them isn't screaming in pain, not eating, or not sleeping.  I don't mean Erik.

We had spent way too many days in the house doing nothing.  So one morning when I heard The Sweet Tooth Fairy would give a free cookie to the first 5 people into their shop who sang, "If all the raindrops were cupcakes and cakebites, oh what a rain that would be, I'd go outside with my mouth open wide, singing AH AH AH AH AH AH AH AH AH AAAAH" I packed the boys into the car and off we went.  Sam willingly and eagerly did the singing.  We got a cookie and the cute gal who was smitten by my boys gave them each a sucker, too.  Soooo that's why O is eating a sucker in this picture.  I don't usually just let them have candy.  I also don't usually comb their hair.  Obviously.  And that was a lot of explanation for 2 pictures of my boys doting on their baby brother.

That same day, at lunch time, these two were holding hands.  I have no idea why.  Owen rarely let's Sam hold his hand, and it makes Sam kind of sad.  So I thought this was really cute.  Especially since O ate a lot of his lunch that way, reaching over himself with his right hand.

Also at lunch time, Owen was riding the elevator up and down.  "Going up, beep, zoooom, going down, beep, zoooom," while he stood up and sat down.  Weirdo.  Sam had a box elder bug that he wanted to adopt as a pet.  Double weirdo.  He put it in the bin, gave it some grass and a twig, and named it Samuel, to which I interjected that that wasn't very original, so he said, "Ok, I'll name him Monster Truck."  Sam didn't let that thing out of his sight all day.  I had to do some serious convincing so Sam wouldn't take it to school with him.  Later that night, Monster Truck met his demise.  I'm thinking it had to do with the apple juice the boys tried to give him.  I noticed before Sam, and was so close to finding another box elder and switching them out.  We are just not pet people.

One night Erik was either working late or at a church meeting, I can't remember now.  I wanted to sit my fat butt on the sofa, which I did, but the boys weren't super excited about that, so I got out the Christmas tree ornaments and let them have at it.  They both got really into it.  Owen was frustrated at first because he couldn't figure out how to hang any of them.  But he realized he could put the hooks through a bell ornament.  So that's what he did.  I counted and he had hung 18 ornaments from that bell.

For FHE one night, we talked about building a strong foundation on the rock of our Redeemer.  We sang the wise man and the foolish man, read Helaman 5:12, and then built a gingerbread house.  It did not have a strong foundation.  It lasted about 30 minutes before it collapsed.  But the boys loved every second of it.  Especially our sugar fiend, Owen J, who was more interested in putting the candy in his mouth than on the house.

On Samuel's last school day before winter break, he got to bring gifts for a present exchange.  He picked out little yo-yos, and wrapped each one himself.  He was very proud of his work, and so eager to give them to his friends.  When he came home with lots of fun little gifts, I was very impressed with how willing he was to show and share with Owen.

We visited the Festival of Lights again in Spanish Fork.  The boys loved it.  Em slept through it.  No pictures, but I think two years in a row officially makes it a tradition. 

We did do one advent, these chocolate calendars.  I just happened to come across them at the party store back in November and knew I HAD to get them.  I remember doing these so many times as a kid.  The first day it was this intense wave of nostalgia when I got a whiff of those waxy chocolates.  So fun for me.  And the boys had a lot of fun with it, too.

Sam also had a countdown paper chain he made at school, and he loved taking a new one off each day of December.  And we had a really low-key mini advent paper chain with "activities" like find a picture of Jesus in your house, read a story from the Friend, be extra nice to someone in your family, tell someone a story about Jesus, stuff like that.  Samuel told Emmett the story of Jesus being born . . . "It was in a stable in Bethlehem, the shepherds came and there was a new star, and theeeeeen THE KING GOT REALLY MAD AND THE SOLDIERS KILLED ALL THE BABIES AND PEOPLE SCREAMED AH AH AH, AND EVERYONE DIED!!!!!!  And that's the end."  Yeah, I do not recommend the Living Scriptures Nativity video.  Horrible, awful, terrible, and a million other complaints.  If you want to hear a good rant, ask me about it sometime.  Anyway, I digress . . . There is our December, crazy, long, a bit tough, and yet pretty uneventful. 

Coming up next on my poor neglected blog: Our quiet, simple, wonderful Christmas at home. 

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Scripture Stories

April 28th, 2010 Annelise Posted in family home evening 5 Comments »

When I don’t have time or forget to plan out a “real” Family Home Evening, we¬†just¬†learn a story from the scriptures.¬†¬†It may not be much, but Sam always enjoys it.¬† Just today he pulled out the gospel art kit the I use pictures from andsaid, “Let’s have Fammy Home Ebeen again!”

Noah loading his ark (because Heavenly Father sent a flood to wash away all the people who didn’t obey!)

Lehi telling the people to repent (which means stop being naughty, tell Heavenly Father you’re sorry, and don’t do it again!)

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Stormy Seas

March 19th, 2010 Annelise Posted in family home evening 3 Comments »

For Family Home Evening this week we¬†read the story of Jesus calming the sea.¬† Then we talked about how if we have faith, Jesus can take away¬†our¬†“stormy”¬†feelings when we are hurt, sad, and angry.¬† Then we made¬†newspaper boats.¬† I just kind of figured this was one of those things Erik could do, but after a few minutes he needed Google’s help.

Erik told me I had managed to find the worst instructions ever written before he did his own Google search.

So I went ahead and made my own boat.

In the meantime, Samuel was playing with one of his¬†action figures and dubbed it Monster Jesus.¬† He buried it under wads of newspaper and told us¬† “Monster Jesus is sleeping under the big waves in the boat.”


After a few minutes of folding, Erik had success and Samuel was proud.

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