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Baby Blues: Part 3

Sunday, February 26th, 2012 Posted in Brothers, comparing, Emmett M, Little O-Man, Mr. Sammers, tradition | 1 Comment »

I decided I'd better get Em into his snowsuit at least once and venture out into the cold with his big brothers.  I waited too long, though, and I could ... Read more..

Fatty Chubbikins

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012 Posted in doctor, Emmett M, milestones, month markers | 2 Comments »

February 14, 2012 This has been a heck of a half year.  Doesn't everyone in the world say you just gotta make it to six months?  Or something stupid like that?  ... Read more..

Let’s be done with January!

Monday, February 20th, 2012 Posted in friends, goings-on, month wrap up, playing, potty, snow, winter | No Comments »

Ok, so here are a few other things from January . . . the long, cold, boring month of January.  Thank goodness it's over.  And that I'm finally documenting it ... Read more..

Bouncing and Exersaucing with a small side of Bumbo

Thursday, February 16th, 2012 Posted in Emmett M, playing, toys | 4 Comments »

January 2012   Read more..


Monday, February 6th, 2012 Posted in Emmett M, firsts, food, growing up | No Comments »

January 19, 2012 Emmett's been going on a milk strike or something.  Doesn't want Mom, and refuses a bottle.  In an act of desperation --this kid needed to eat something!!-- we ... Read more..


Sunday, February 5th, 2012 Posted in outside, snow, winter | No Comments »

January 7, 2012 It's been a pretty dry and warm winter.  I'm not complaining.  But every time it does barely snow, the boys go nuts and want to go play.  I ... Read more..


Sunday, February 5th, 2012 Posted in Dad and Emmett | No Comments »

January 6, 2012 Erik sometimes wishes Emmett would stare mindlessly at the lights and sounds of the tv.  But he is much more interested in Daddy's wiggling thumb and the controller that keeps ... Read more..

This Kid

Saturday, February 4th, 2012 Posted in Little O-Man | 1 Comment »

January 2012 Oh, THIS kid!!  He has been such a little stinker.  But he still has his sweet moments.  And he's darn cute.  Saves his life, I'm telling you. I was about to vacuum.  ... Read more..

Somebody Doesn’t Hate Bathtime Any More!!

Saturday, February 4th, 2012 Posted in dang cute, Emmett M | No Comments »

January 5, 2012 I tried to keep him modest with the help of Rubber Ducky.  Not so successful.  And those beautiful baby blues??  That's no trendy Photoshop effect; that's all pure, ... Read more..